This portion of is loaned to Don Lambert so that you can access his PowerPoint Presentations and is under construction.  Please be patient.  Thank you.

Please note:  these presentations (files) are quite large (5-25 MB) and are best viewed with a high speed connection.

The presentations will open in a new browser window.  Use your right mouse button and click on full screen.  Use your left mouse button or the space bar to advance the slides.  Use the back space to go back to the previous slide.  At the end, use your right mouse button or the escape key to end the show.

Eventually the presentations will have text to go along with the slides.  Please stand by.

Currently the presentations available are Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics, Toxicity of Local Anesthetics, and Spinal-Epidural-CSE Anesthesia  from the Chicago and San Antonio 2005 courses.

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