2.  You get to the lab and find out that the sevoflurane bottle is empty, but there is a full bottle of isoflurane.  You use it instead of sevoflurane.  How much isoflurane do you inject?

Answer:  Roughly the same amount as sevoflurane (0.5 ml).

All of the volatile anesthetics that we use clinically have roughly the similar densities and molecular weights.  Therefore each liquid ml of the different agents produces roughly the same amount of vapor.

Agent Density Molecular Weight ml of vaper per liq. ml
Sevoflurane 1.52 200 170
Desflurane 1.45 168 193
Isoflurane 1.49 185 180
Halothane 1.86 197 210
Enflurane 1.52 185 184
Mehoxyflurane 1.42 165 192

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