3.  As you are about to start your experiment, you drop the 100 ml isoflurane bottle on the floor and it smashes liberating all of the isoflurane.  The lab is a square room, 20 feet by 20 feet with a ceiling of height of ten feet.  This is a weird lab and it has no ventilation.  Is everyone in the lab going to fall asleep?  Explain your answer.

Answer:   No

Each foot = about 30 cm.  Therefore the volume of the room is 600 X 600 X 300 = 108,000,000 cubic centimeters (cc) or 108,000 liters.

From question no. 2 each liquid ml of isoflurane produces 160 ml of vapor.

Therefore the 100 ml bottle of isoflurane produces 100 X 160 ml or 16,000 ml (16 liters).

The final concentration in the room is therefore 16 108,000 or 0.0148%.

Not enough to anesthetize the occupants.

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