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Below are some questions to ponder during a long case when things are going well.

Local Anesthetics:

Volatile Anesthesia:

Obstetric Anesthesia:

Trauma Anesthesia:        Good link to blood component therapy

Below are some publications and lectures of possible interest to trainees.

How does the density of local anesthetics and patient positioning affect the spread of spinal anesthesia?

Harvard Refresher 2004 - 25 Years of Anesthesia - syllabus

25 years of anesthesia slides (6 MB: requires 50 minute download by modem)

Link to ABA Content Outline (a must for examinees)

Link to New Item Formats on the ABA-ASA In-Training Exams (a must for examinees)

Regional Anesthesia Board Questions From an Old Examination

Strategies for preparing for the written board examination

Inserting a spinal or epidural needle

Factors influencing the distribution of local anesthetics in the CSF

Spinal-BWH Residents-2005

Introduction to pharmacology/toxicity of local anesthetic -- BU Residents 2005

Introduction to spinal/epidural -- BU Residents 2005

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